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Air conditioning repairs and maintenance

Let us keep you cool

Air conditioning systems are fitted to the majority of vehicles and require regular checks and maintenance, at least every three years. An air conditioning system works like a fridge and if left unused for a long period of time a build up of bacteria occurs causing unpleasant smells.

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Our IMI-qualified technicians can perform these checks and maintenance to get your air conditioning system working back to its full potential once again.


What is an air conditioning service?

  • Recovering the refrigerant and recycling the gases to remove any contamination
  • A deep system vacuum – this consists of an evacuation of air and moisture from the system
  • Full system inspection – we will check your air-con system for any damage or leaks that may have occurred using an ultra-violet dye
  • Recharging – we will recharge your air-con system to the specified level adding fresh system oil
  • Air conditioning clean – we will flush your system with an anti-bacterial cleaner that eliminates any unpleasant odours. This can help prevent headaches and car sickness to anyone in the vehicle

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